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Managers know that delegation is necessary. Canna Coop can simplify this process by working one on one with you to complete the design projects you just can't seem to finish. 

You already know what you're doing. You're just too crunched for time to get it all done by yourself. Don't completely outsource your design work, and still delegate some of what you need done. 

We can do it.

Get some help with the heavy lifting. Edit, re-design, or design from scratch;  a logo, a brochure, a flyer, business cards, an identity system, or some other print or swag material. If it's done in Creative Suite, chances are we can help. Packaging is our passion so reach out if you're looking to edit, expand or re-design what you've already built.

Spend a few hours with a designer by your side to complete the work that you can't get yourself to do alone. Send a message and explain exactly what you need, then let's make it happen. Do it with me, the Canna Cooperative...consistently creative.

Brochure designed for international solar manufacturer KACO New Energy.
Brochure designed for international solar manufacturer KACO New Energy.

What we want to do

Content is king

Take something static and shake it up.

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